Collaborating with creative minds to create beautiful art. Ballet provides creative services for clients and studios working together to achieve a creative vision.

Script breakdowns
Tech scouts


On-Set Supervision
HDRI and reference gather
FARO scan and geometric decimation
Model scans and reference data gather

Post Production

Match move
HDRI Stitch and plate match
Specialize in Rendering and 2D Compositing

Aylwin Fernando
With over 12 years of experience in commercials, Game Cinematics, Feature Film and Television, Vancouver based Creative Director, Supervisor and Artist, Aylwin Fernando, is a seasoned professional.

He has worked with a vast array of clients in leadership roles, including positions as a 2D and 3D Supervisor on various projects. His in-depth experience with photo-real lighting and compositing, and cinematography expertise in 3D and 2D software, in-depth understanding of the VFX pipeline, and strong aesthetic sensibility allows him to work effectively with clients to achieve their artistic vision, while meeting production timelines and budgets.

Aylwin originally set off on the road toward a degree in sciences, studying Mechanical Engineering, but soon followed his passion for film and television, pursing a degree in Media Arts from Sheridan College. After graduation, he was able to continue applying his interdisciplinary interests and skills and carved a career as a CG Generalist, and specialized as a Lighter. Having to gather, organize and prep all necessary Camera, Light and Location data he learned to navigate the world of Pre-production, On-set Supervision, Production and Post-Production. His ability to work with creatives has taken him around the world over the course of his career, supervising shows locally and internationally. He has had the opportunity to work with clients such as Bell, Zellers, Winners, Sapparo, Budwiser, Much Music, Fuji, Back Diomand, Hyundai, Subaru, Toyota, Lexus, Cineplex, Kabam, Riot, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Disney, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, etc...

As a child, Aylwin loved comics, but never read the stories word for word. He would look at the drawings and come up with his own narrative. Aylwin believes that being an artist is about a commitment to exploration and discovery that only unfolds with cultivation of curiosity, imagination and the uncovering of the human experience. The founding of Ballet is to bring these values of childish enthusiasm and integrity to the crafting of images in the hopes of inspiring others. Create the world you like to see and live in, Ballet is the place you get to grow and enjoy being the artist we all want to be.